Feenstra campaign launches Feenstra Farm Team

Team includes 225+ members from all 39 counties

HULL, Iowa – Republican nominee for Congress Randy Feenstra today launched the Feenstra Farm Team, a coalition of supporters representing all sectors of Iowa’s agriculture industry. The coalition is made up of over 225 farmers, implement dealers & manufacturers, agriculture students, seed suppliers, and other agriculture ambassadors. The Honorary Chair of the Feenstra Farm Team is U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. 

“As a lifelong family farmer, I know the hard work it takes to feed and fuel the world. Agriculture is the lifeblood of our state, especially the Fourth District. The pandemic shows how crucial it is to have a chorus of strong voices representing Iowa agriculture in Washington. Randy Feenstra will be an outspoken voice for Iowa farmers in the U.S. House of Representatives. Senator Feenstra has been a tireless champion for agriculture in the Iowa Senate where he cut the grain bin tax and provided assistance to first-time farmers. I trust that Randy will work hard for us in Congress. I’m honored to serve as the Honorary Chair of the Feenstra Farm Team with more than 225 Iowa agriculture leaders who agree that Feenstra Delivers.” –U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, New Hartford

Senator Feenstra echoed Grassley’s comment: “The foundation of the Fourth District is agriculture – it is the cornerstone of our state’s economy, and the heart of countless communities. Assuring that agriculture thrives in the District is pivotal to assuring the District thrives as a whole. These folks need effective representation, and I know that the team we have assembled can help me better serve them as a Representative.” 

Feenstra continued, “When it comes to the Fourth District’s next Congressman, there is a stark difference regarding agriculture. I have years of experience working with and delivering for Iowa’s ag community, and my opponent only has words – as well as a history of supporting the ‘Green New Deal’, a policy agenda that would kneecap our farmers, our state, and destroy Iowa Agriculture.”

A list of Farmers for Feenstra can be found below:


IA Sec. of Ag


Mike Naig


Louis Wanninger Audubon
Sen. Jerry Behn Boone
Nathan Lichter Buena Vista
Dennis Halverson Buena Vista
Speaker Pat Grassley Butler
Barbara Grassley Butler
Bill Dix Butler
US Sen. Chuck Grassley Butler
Jeff Reints Butler
Mikki Reints Butler
Jim Luebbers Butler
Tom Decker Calhoun
Diane Decker Calhoun
Mary Lauver Calhoun
Pam Bleam Calhoun
Brad Bleam Calhoun
Elaine Bleam Calhoun
Andrew Lauver Calhoun
Caleb Hedeen Calhoun
Kevin Schreier Calhoun
Jessica Chrystal Carroll
John Van Horn Carroll
Steve Sukup Cerro Gordo
Charles Sukup Cerro Gordo
Emily Schmitt Cerro Gordo
Kevin Pope Cerro Gordo
Richard Sokoloski Cherokee
Glen McCannon Cherokee
Dennis Bush Cherokee
Deb Bush Cherokee
Phil Dorr Cherokee
Carl Reicks Chickasaw
Curt Schwickerath Chickasaw
JoAnne Tupper Chickasaw
Larry Tupper Chickasaw
Jake Hackman Chickasaw
Cassie Hackman Chickasaw
Dale Reicks Chickasaw
Arnie Bogie Chickasaw
Cindy Kress Clay
Will Jones Clay
Rep. Megan Jones Clay
Sen. Jason Schultz Crawford
Steve Bras Crawford
Sen. Mark Segebart Crawford
Gary Hall Crawford
Vince Davis Dickinson
Luke Niuwendorp Dordt University
Olivia Moret Dordt University
Stephanie De Kam Dordt University
John Pluth Emmet
Randy Heitz Floyd
Marilyn Heitz Floyd
John Latham Franklin
Shannon Latham Franklin
Larry Sailer Franklin
Don Latham Franklin
Jim Dannen Franklin
Roy Arends Franklin
Dave Wolhford Franklin
Ian Plagge Franklin
Tim Bardole Greene
Lindsay Larson Greene
Randy Lebeck Greene
Dave Hommel Grundy
Jon Freese Grundy
Ed Juhl Grundy
Wayne Jackson Hamilton
Joe Sweeney Hamilton
Brent Renner Hancock
Sen. Dennis Guth Hancock
Andy Cable Hardin
Adam Seward Hardin
Sen. Annette Sweeney Hardin
Dave Sweeney Hardin
BJ Hoffman Hardin
Jacob Handsaker Hardin
Tony Smith Harrison
Terry Seehusen Humboldt
Ron Reedy Humboldt
Mary Reedy Humboldt
Jolene Riesen Ida
Max Schwickerath Iowa State University
Zach Mass Iowa State University
Cassie Bond Iowa State University
Zach Wemark Iowa State University
Jake Hlas Iowa State University
Wyatt Kaldenberg Iowa State University
Ron Dacken Kossuth
Jeff Schutjer Kossuth
Brian Thilges Kossuth
Gary Klarenbeek Lyon
Nathan Nieuwendorp Lyon
Rodney Mogler Lyon
Cody De Jager Lyon
Sarah De Jager Lyon
Dwight Mogler Lyon
Chet Mogler Lyon
Ross Mogler Lyon
Devin Mogler Lyon
Mark Maassen Lyon
John Steven Lyon
Kelly Wentz Lyon
Robert Kelderman Lyon
Rich Anderson Monona
Josh Mordhorst Monona
Katie Rozeboom Northwestern College
Jamison TeSlaa Northwestern College
Marcus Van Kekerix Northwestern College
Dudley McDowell O’Brein
Carol McDowell O’Brein
Kelly Nieuwenhuis O’Brien
Luanne Nieuwenhuis O’Brien
Elsie Wissink O’Brien
John Westra O’Brien
Rachelle Westra O’Brien
Karl Lichty O’Brien
Daryl Haack O’Brien
Alyda Haack O’Brien
Jessica Karolczak Osceola
Dan Lonneman Osceola
Kipp Fehr Palo Alto
Sandra Naig Palo Alto
Terry Naig Palo Alto
Maggie Brown Palo Alto
Kyle Brown Palo Alto
Steve DeRocher Plymouth
Dave Britt Plymouth
Don Kass Plymouth
Shelly Kass Plymouth
Cody Bunda Pocahontas
Afton Holt Pocahontas
Jason Scott Pocahontas
Ken DeYoung Pocohontas
Chad Hansen Sac
Jim Meyer Sac
Rick Hecht Sac
Larry Madson Shelby
Alan Hall Shelby
Randy Winterfeld Sioux
Cinda VanDerZwaag Sioux
Brad VanDerZwaag Sioux
Cathy Dereus Sioux
Howard Vlieger Sioux
Pam Vlieger Sioux
Dave Vlieger Sioux
Alison Vlieger Sioux
Sandy DeJager Sioux
Loren DeJager Sioux
Brent DeJager Sioux
Ivan Dorhout Sioux
Nancy Dorhout Sioux
Donna Van Grouw Sioux
Lyle Rommerde Sioux
Sonia Rommerde Sioux
Brent DeJager Sioux
Arvin Boote Sioux
John Van Zanten Sioux
Mary Van Zanten Sioux
Terry Boote Sioux
Arla Van Zanten Sioux
Dennis Van Zanten Sioux
Lee VanGrouw Sioux
Dan Winterfeld Sioux
Sara Winterfeld Sioux
Tate Winterfeld Sioux
Karsyn Winterfeld Sioux
Jamie DeJager Sioux
Al Bloemendaal Sioux
Lynne Bloemendaal Sioux
Scott Dekkers Sioux
Jamie Dekkers Sioux
Curtis VanGrouw Sioux
Emily VanGrouw Sioux
Carl Elbers Sioux
Melissa Elbers Sioux
Zach DeJager Sioux
Amy DeJager Sioux
Jeff Rens Sioux
Faye Kroese Sioux
Sara Vink Sioux
Harlo Vink Sioux
Mark Pottebaum Sioux
Steve Rehder Sioux
Shari Rehder Sioux
Sandi Wyjnia Sioux
Kevin Wynja Sioux
Cole Wynja Sioux
Scott Doorenbos Sioux
Tara Doorenbos Sioux
Kent Pruismann Sioux
Kelly Van Regenmorter Sioux
Jim Dean Sioux
Marilyn Dean Sioux
JT Dean Sioux
Brandon Vanthul Sioux
Brady Wynia Sioux
Dawson Feenstra Sioux
Conrad Vanzee Sioux
Chad Vanzee Sioux
Bette Boote Sioux
Jessi DeJager Sioux
Darin Dykstra Sioux
Verna Westra Sioux
Dr. Duane Bajema Sioux
Dyson Kooima Sioux
Ed Westra Sioux
Scott Henry Story
Marty Chitty Story
Jennifer Chitty Story
Alex Grober Story
Rachel Geilenfeld Story
Roger Underwood Story
Tim Couser Story
Eric Peterson Story
Stewart Iverson Wright
Marion Denger Wright
Kirk Dinsey Wright
Brandon Maier Wright
Jesse Green Webster
Gregg Hora Webster
Wendell Finer Winnebago
Tom Hadacek Winnebago
Phil Freiberg Woodbury
Eric Nelson Woodbury


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