Meet the man who defeated Steve King

Shaped by a small, religious community in Sioux County, Randy Feenstra hopes to represent Iowa’s 4th District

HULL: Like so many from Iowa’s sprawling 4th Congressional District, the Republican fighting to be its next congressman hails from one of the small towns that dot the landscape.

Randy Feenstra, a state senator from Hull, easily dethroned the incumbent Rep. Steve King in an early June primary for the Republican nod in the seat. The backbone of Feenstra’s nearly 10-point margin of victory was built in and around his hometown, seated in Sioux County.

People in Sioux County — long a stronghold and base of support for King — abandoned the incumbent in droves, giving Feenstra nearly 83 percent of its votes. Feenstra has spent decades in public service in the Sioux County area and has lived there his entire life.

Yard signs help delineate the territory as Feenstra’s. Signs off the road with his name in all-capital letters marked support for his bid around the area where he grew up, went to school and worked — and the place he eventually represented in Des Moines.

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