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Congressman Randy Feenstra

Randy Feenstra was born and raised in Hull, Iowa, where he has served as City Administrator, Sioux County Treasurer, and Iowa state Senator. Feenstra received a bachelor’s degree from Dordt University and went on to receive his MPA from Iowa State University. After a successful tenure as head of sales for the Foreign Candy Company, he began teaching business and economics classes at Dordt University. He is married to his wife of 30 years, Lynette, and they have four children.

Delivering Results for Iowa

Advocating for Iowa Taxpayers and Families

Randy is a strong fiscal conservative who fights for Iowa taxpayers and doesn’t support wasteful earmarks that fund liberal pet projects in New York and California. In Congress, Randy has consistently opposed Joe Biden’s reckless spending policies that have fueled inflation, hurt our farmers, and raised costs for our small businesses. He also supported legislation to defund Biden’s army of 87,000 new IRS agents, stop Biden’s unconstitutional student-loan bailouts, and end Biden’s electric-vehicle mandates on Iowa families.

As a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Randy has voted for legislation to make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 permanent, double the standard deduction for hardworking Iowa families, and lower taxes on Iowa small businesses that are the backbone of our rural main streets. Additionally, he voted for the REIN IN Inflation Act to cut inflation created by Biden’s wasteful spending agenda, the Middle Class Borrower Protection Act to repeal Biden’s tax on Iowans with strong credit scores to subsidize mortgages for those with low scores, and the REINS Act to remove power from unelected bureaucrats and end Biden’s reckless executive orders.

Randy strongly opposes the implementation of a central bank digital currency that would weaken the purchasing power of the American dollar and allow the federal government to easily track and monitor Americans’ financial transactions.

Securing the Border

Randy knows that our border is under siege and represents a serious threat to our national security and the safety of our families and rural communities. That’s why Randy voted for the Secure the Border Act, which is the strongest border security bill in history. This legislation maintains Title 42, finishes construction of the border wall, and fully funds our brave border patrol agents.

Randy has also introduced Sarah’s Law to swiftly detain and deport illegal immigrants who seriously injure or kill American citizens and the Build the Wall and Fight Fentanyl Act to seize money from the drug cartels to finish the border wall and fund fentanyl treatment services for our children and our families.

Randy believes that we must deport illegal immigrants who break our laws and protect the American people from terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminals who are pouring over our border in record numbers.

Fighting for Farmers

Like he pledged when he was first elected to serve Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, Randy delivered a seat on the House Agriculture Committee for Iowa and is the strongest voice for agriculture and biofuels in Congress. Randy introduced the Death Tax Repeal Act to eliminate double taxation on our farmers and small businesses and ensure that our producers can pass their farms on to the next generation. Randy has also voted to overturn Biden’s radical WOTUS rule that allows the federal bureaucrats who have never stepped on a farm to impose their will on Iowa farmers, permanently make low-cost E-15 available at gas stations year-round, and invest in agricultural education at our schools, community colleges, and universities. Moreover, an amendment that Randy introduced passed the U.S. House of Representatives to require explicit congressional approval of any federal regulation – like WOTUS – that impacts over 50% of American farmland.

He also introduced legislation to lower the cost of crop insurance for the next generation of Iowa farmers, open new export markets for Iowa agriculture, defend our flocks and herd from deadly foreign animal disease, and ensure that Iowa producers have access to cutting-edge precision agriculture technologies. Furthermore, Randy has helped introduce legislation to hold countries like Mexico and China accountable for violating our trade laws and taking advantage of our farmers. Randy is leading the charge to stop Mexico’s ban on American corn exports and Brazil’s crippling tariffs on American ethanol exports.

Additionally, Randy has opposed Biden’s radical ESG mandates that would inject woke politics into Iowans’ retirement savings accounts.

Standing up to China

Randy believes that China poses the greatest threat to our national, economic, energy, and food security. In Congress, Randy has introduced legislation – which passed the U.S. House of Representatives by wide margins – to ban China from buying American farmland suitable for American energy production, including homegrown Iowa ethanol and biodiesel. He has also voted to condemn China’s illegal deployment of a spy balloon in U.S. airspace, stop oil sales from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China, and impose costly sanctions on Chinese fentanyl manufacturers that are facilitating the flow of fentanyl into our rural communities.

Additionally, Randy has introduced legislation to impose sanctions on China for unleashing the COVID-19 pandemic on to the world while covering up its origins, protect our military bases from foreign spies, and punish foreign investors – especially China – who fail to disclose their purchases of American farmland.

Supporting our Police

Randy is a staunch ally of our police and law enforcement and will always back the blue 100%. Randy has voted for legislation to condemn liberal efforts to defund the police, honor the lives of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, deport illegal immigrants who attack police officers and border patrol agents, and severely punish and imprison criminals who intentionally target and assault police and law enforcement officers.

Randy has also introduced legislation – the Honoring Police Officer and K9 Service Act – to help police and law enforcement officers cover veterinary bills and other costs associated with maintaining police K9s in their departments.

Defending the Unborn

As a father of four and a Christian, Randy knows that we were all born to further God’s kingdom and believes that the unborn deserve to be protected from the liberal abortion-on-demand agenda. Randy strongly opposes taxpayer-funded abortions, supports defunding Planned Parenthood, and has consistently voted against liberal attempts to legalize abortion until the moment of birth nationwide.

In Congress, Randy introduced the Protecting Girls with Turner Syndrome Act to defend babies diagnosed with Turner syndrome from indiscriminate abortions and voted for legislation to provide babies who survive botched abortions with the medical care that they deserve. He also helped introduce legislation to affirm that life begins at the moment of conception, prohibit the abortion of an unborn child solely on the basis of results of inaccurate prenatal lab tests, and prohibit the abortion of an unborn child who is 20 weeks or older.

Randy is working hard to pass a heartbeat bill at the federal level and protect our Christian, conservative values in Iowa.

Encouraging American Energy Production

Randy believes that we must encourage American energy production and end our reliance on foreign oil and gas to power our nation. That’s why he proudly voted for the Lower Energy Costs Act to end Biden’s attacks on domestic energy production, lower gas prices for Iowa families, and end our reliance on Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela for our energy needs.

Randy has also voted for legislation to stop Biden’s forced transition to electric vehicles and require Biden to refill our Strategic Petroleum Reserve – which he depleted to its lowest levels in over 40 years – with American energy.

Furthermore, Randy believes that we must expand production of Iowa biofuels – including ethanol and biodiesel – to make our country energy independent again and lower fuel costs for our families, farmers, and businesses.

Protecting the Second Amendment

Randy is a constitutional conservative who will always defend Iowans’ God-given, Second Amendment rights.
In Congress, Randy has opposed invasive background checks, a blanket ban on guns, and limits on ammunition purchases. Randy has cosponsored legislation to authorize constitutional carry nationwide and introduced legislation to protect tenants and renters from having their Second Amendment rights revoked by landlords.

In the Iowa Senate, Randy supported the largest expansion of Second Amendment rights in Iowa history.

Supporting our Troops and our Military

While China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran invest heavily in their military capabilities to destroy the United States, Randy will always vote to fund our troops and keep our military the strongest and most feared fighting force in the world.

Randy has voted to deliver the largest pay raise for our troops in more than 20 years, counter Chinese aggression against American troops and ships, ban the U.S. Department of Defense from contracting with entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party, and construct more military housing for our troops and their families.

Additionally, Randy has worked to stop Biden’s radical, liberal agenda from infecting our military. He voted to reinstate every servicemember who was wrongfully terminated for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, prevent the electrification of our trucks and tanks, ban the teaching of critical race theory at military schools and on military bases, and keep DEI out of our military.

Randy will continue to support our troops and their families. They deserve our deepest appreciation and unwavering support for their service.

Standing up for our Veterans

Randy knows that our veterans are real heroes who deserve our utmost gratitude. That’s why Randy has always voted to provide our veterans with the high-quality healthcare, housing, and benefits that they have earned and absolutely deserve.

In Congress, Randy has voted for legislation to provide veterans who were exposed to toxic substances – like Agent Orange and burn pits – with the healthcare and treatment that they need, support at-home care for veterans, expand mental healthcare in rural communities, and ensure that veteran benefits are correctly adjusted for inflation, and hold criminals accountable who defraud veterans. Randy has also voted for legislation to ensure that every veteran has a safe place to call home because no veteran should be homeless in the United States of America.

Additionally, Randy voted for the Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act, which included an amendment that Randy introduced to require the Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office to include the Veterans Crisis Line as an entity to provide post-crisis, follow-up care for veterans in need.

Randy will always uphold his promises to Iowa veterans.

Supporting Iowa Parents and Children

As a father of four, Randy believes that parents have a fundamental right to be involved in their children’s education.

In Congress, Randy voted for the Parents Bill of Rights Act, which ensures that Iowa parents have a voice in their children’s education and can review books and other teaching materials. Randy does not believe that our children should be exposed to sexually explicit content at school. He thinks that parents should have the right to protect their children from this inappropriate content.

Randy has also cosponsored several pieces of legislation to keep critical race theory out of Iowa schools and ensure that our students are learning the basics that they need to thrive in school and in their careers.

Furthermore, Randy believes that boys should not compete against girls in sports. That’s why he voted for the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act to keep boys out of girls’ sports.

Standing with Israel

Randy is a strong friend of Israel and knows that Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East.

In Congress, Randy voted to deploy vital military aid to Israel in their fight against evil Hamas terrorists and affirm unwavering American support for Israel. He also helped introduce legislation to freeze the $6 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars that Biden intended to send to Iran, which is the prime sponsor of terrorism in the region, including Hamas. Randy further helped introduce legislation to repurpose that $6 billion to support Israel’s war effort and defeat Hamas.

Additionally, Randy fiercely condemned pro-Hamas demonstrators in Des Moines, New York, and other cities across the country. Randy believes that Hamas sympathizers are deeply disturbed individuals who should be ashamed for their support of Hamas and their evil terrorism.

Randy will always stand with Israel and deliver the support that the people of Israel need to protect their homeland and destroy Hamas.

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