Randy Feenstra Announces Over 650 County Chairs- Largest Congressional Grassroots Coalition in IA-04 History

HULL, IOWA — Today, Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) announced that his campaign has amassed 656 county chairs who have endorsed his re-election campaign for Congress. This represents the largest grassroots coalition of county chairs in IA 04 history.

“I’m humbled by the incredible support our campaign has received from every corner of the 4th District. With 656 county chairs from all 36 counties in the Fourth Congressional District, we are in a strong position to keep this seat in Republican hands and grow our conservative majority in the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Feenstra. “Together, we will defeat Joe Biden, secure the border, stop the reckless spending, and ban China from buying American Farmland.”

“I’m glad to endorse Congressman Feenstra for re-election and proud to be one of his county chairs in O’Brien County. Since his first day in office, he secured a seat on the House Agriculture Committee and has been a strong voice for biofuels, farmers, and Iowa agriculture,” said Kelly Nieuwenhuis. “He has also led legislation to open new markets for biofuels and agriculture while holding the Biden administration accountable for its costly rules and regulations on rural Iowa. I know that farmers and biofuels producers have a strong ally in Congressman Feenstra and I look forward to seeing him represent the 4th District for another term.”

“When it comes to standing up to China, Congressman Feenstra has delivered every step of the way. His legislation to ban China from buying American farmland suitable for energy production passed the House of Representatives with support from 406 of his colleagues,” said Darcy Maulsby. “He has also voted to impose sanctions on Chinese fentanyl manufacturers and ban oil sales from our strategic reserves to China. I’m proud to endorse Congressman Feenstra for re-election because he is fighting to protect American greatness and hold China accountable.”

“I’m proud to endorse Congressman Feenstra’s re-election campaign because he has delivered on his promises to Iowans,” said Nicole Cleveland. “Having defied the odds of living with Turner syndrome, I appreciate Congressman Feenstra for introducing legislation to protect babies diagnosed with Turner syndrome from being aborted solely on that diagnosis. As a Christian, he understands the importance of protecting innocent life, and I know that he will continue to defend the unborn in Congress.”

County Chair Endorsements

Doris Christensen Audubon
Valinda Gleason Audubon
Doug Gleason Audubon
Larry Snyder Audubon
Robert Anderlik Boone
Amy Dennis Boone
Bob Dennis Boone
Senator Jesse Green Boone
Donna Heslop Pilot Mound
Tom Mowrer Ogden
Kathryn Schwartz Boone
Representative Phil Thompson Boone
Marv Wittrock Boone
Barbara Wittrock Boone
Gus Barker Newell
David Kier Newell
Jan Kier Newell
Andy Kosky Storm Lake
Tara Kosky Storm Lake
Rusty Kosky Storm Lake
Patty Kosky Storm Lake
James Sheplear Storm Lake
Lydia Thams Albert City
Mark Calmer Manson
Audrey Calmer Manson
Theresa Hildreth Rockwell City
Tom Hildreth Rockwell City
Mary Lauver Rockwell City
Andrew Lauver Rockwell City
Representative Mike Sexton Rockwell City
Thomas Stumpf Rockwell City
Darcy Maulsby Lake City
Representative Brian Best Glidden
Nick Billmeier Carroll
Ryan Boles Breda
Mitchell Boles Arcadia
Alex Grote Arcadia
Dolores Herbers Manning
Wayne Herman Glidden
Ray Lenz Carroll
Jon McCarty Carroll
Sam Poland Carroll
Kurtis Ramsey Carroll
Kora Thomsen Carroll
Mary Tigges Carroll
Susan Uhl Carroll
Jim Agnitsch Cherokee
Jack Bindner Marcus
Glen Cave Cherokee
David Fordyce Aurelia
Adam Glienke Washta
Colleen Harmon Cherokee
Larry Harmon Cherokee
Bryce Kremer Cherokee
Glen McCannon Aurelia
Ramona Nitz Cherokee
Jay Nitzschke Remsen
Mike Nixon Cherokee
Blaine Perry Aurelia
Darlene Perry Aurelia
Andrew Perry Aurelia
Mahlon Stief Cherokee
Ronald Wetherell Cleghorn
Ivan Wiersema Cherokee
Richard Sokoloski Cherokee
Mark Cassill Greenville
Clark Cunningham Spencer
Alice Dalager Spencer
Dennis Halverson Webb
Ervin Harders Hartley
Duaine Holck Spencer
Representative Megan Jones Sioux Rapids
Joseph Klein Spencer
Joyce Klein Spencer
Cindy Kress Webb
Janet Myers Spencer
Craig Poulsen Spencer
Norman Sindt Everly
Judy Taylor Spencer
Jim Taylor Spencer
Roger Westphal Spencer
Gwen Ecklund Denison
Arlan Ecklund Denison
Representative Steve Holt Denison
Kim Plough Charter Oak
Ramona Boese Milford
Al Giese Milford
Barb Giese Milford
Colin Jensen Spirit Lake
Mary Jo Jorgensen Milford
Gordie Jorgensen Milford
James Rohlfsen Milford
Senator Dave Rowley Spirit Lake
Mary Sloan Milford
Curt Strouth Spirit Lake
James Triggs Spirit Lake
Representative John Wills Spirit Lake
Charles Winger Spirit Lake
Marilyn Winger Spirit Lake
Kim Kacmarynski Ringsted
Jim Kacmarynski Ringsted
Scott Taylor Estherville
Michael Torreson Wallingford
Don Valen Estherville
Leilia Valen Estherville
Maci Arjes Hampton
David Heuberger Hampton
Don Latham Alexander
John Latham Sheffield
Representative Shannon Latham Sheffield
Jerry Passehl Latimer
Bob Benton Tabor
Ken Brown Sidney
Carolyn Howe Thurman
Jeff Jorgenson Sidney
Jennifer Jorgenson Sidney
Lewis Hassebrcok Webster City
Joan Olson Webster City
Joan Olson Webster City
David Taylor Webster City
Gerald Edgar Garner
Virginia Edgar Garner
Eric Newton Britt
Judith Dick Missouri Valley
Earl Dick Missouri Valley
Tim Lapke Logan
Phil Lubbers Woodbine
Carole McCurley Missouri Valley
Bert Nielson Modale
Carl Rorden Magnolia
Clint Sargent Missouri Valley
Representative Matt Windschitl Missouri Valley
Lonnie Kirchhoff Humboldt
Roger Kleve Humboldt
Jerry Raether Humboldt
Ronald Reedy Humboldt
Joyce Thompson Humboldt
Reed Burres Humboldt
Hanna Blackmore Holstein
Jean Crawford Holstein
Karen Salmon Ida Grove
Dean Berte Livermoore
Robert Droessler Bancroft
Susan Engen Algona
Sharon Heinen Lu Verne
Verdean Mawdsley Burt
Chris Cleveringa Doon
Sarah De Jager Doon
Cody De Jager Doon
Jeff Hoogendoorn Inwood
Crystal Hoogendoorn Inwood
Kory Johnson George
Gary Klarenbeek Inwood
Aletha Klarenbeek Inwood
Jerrod Lynott Larchwood
Wendy Lynott Larchwood
Janelle Meendering Inwood
Carol Miller Larchwood
Tom Miller Larchwood
Philip Mulder Doon
Nathan Nieuwendorp Inwood
Shannon Rodger George
Dustin Rodger George
Scott Schneidermann Rock Rapids
George Schneidermann Rock Rapids
John Steven Rock Rapids
Joel Van Egdom Doon
Peter Van Regenmorder Inwood
Julie Vande Vegte Inwood
Glenn Vande Vegte Inwood
Mike Ver Steeg Inwood
Ronnie Wallenburg Doon
Lori Wallenburg Doon
James Zangger Larchwood
Cecelia Zangger Larchwood
James Zangger Larchwood
Brenda Zylstra Larchwood
Kendal Zylstra Larchwood
David Blom Marshalltown
Noris Broussard Marshalltown
Sara Broussard Marshalltown
Senator Jeff Edler State Center
Jane Jech Rhodes
Donna Lundberg Le Grand
Donald Smith Marshalltown
Tammy Adams Silver City
Senator Mark Costello Imogene
Lora Fisher Glenwood
Sean Fisher Glenwood
Janet Fisher Glenwood
Dennis Kelly Glendwood
Dean Kruse Glenwood
Jon Lorson Glenwood
John Paul Henderson
Cathy Paul Henderson
Kyle Rockwell Glenwood
Jack Sayers Malvern
Paul Seeling Glenwood
Representative David Sieck Glenwood
Larry Winum Glenwood
John Yates Glenwood
Brittany Rockwell Glenwood
Tammy Bramley Ute
Marc Clemon Soldier
Gwen Clemon Soldier
Logan Feige Onawa
Sean Hallowell Castana
Paul Anema Sheldon
Dennis Cermak Sheldon
Gered De Hoogh Sheldon
Gina De Hoogh Sheldon
David Elgersma Sanborn
Marsha Elgersma Sanborn
Kelly Nieuwenhuis Primghar
Luanne Nieuwenhuis Primghar
Nate Schreur Sanborn
Catherine Schreur Sanborn
Missy Schut Sheldon
Todd Uhl Sheldon
Edwin Verburg Sheldon
Chris Waterman Sheldon
John Westra Primghar
Rachelle Westra Primghar
Emily Chicoine Primghar
Mark Carlson Ashton
Stan De Zeeuw Sibley
Abby De Zeeuw Sibley
Catherine Kellen Sibley
Jeff Ten Napel Sibley
Ruth Albrant Graettinger
Maggie Brown Graettinger
Ronald Graettinger Graettinger
Greg Hoyman Emmetsburg
Dennis Massner West Bend
Donald Miller Mallard
Ann Barkel Remsen
Daniel Barkel Remsen
Tiffany Holman Le Mars
Representative Tom Jeneary Le Mars
Adam Moss Le Mars
Wayne Winterfeld Le Mars
Jean Winterfeld Le Mars
Brenick Hoppe Le Mars
Audra Witmer Le Mars
Larry Braby Pocahontas
Jean Braby Pocahontas
Cooper Christians Pocahontas
Jimmie Anderson Council Bluffs
Jan Anderson Council Bluffs
David Bradshaw Council Bluffs
Ruth Ann Bradshaw Council Bluffs
Cole Button Council Bluffs
Senator Dan Dawson Council Bluffs
Mary Ford Council Bluffs
Mark Ford Council Bluffs
Greg Griffin Council Bluffs
Jocelyn Hendrix Council Bluffs
Charlie Johnson Council Bluffs
Nancy McBath Crescent
Andrew Moats Council Bluffs
Joni Paez Council Bluffs
Chris Perdue Griswold
Will Schademann Council Bluss
Representative Brent Siegrist Council Bluffs
Abby Vander Werf Council Bluffs
Tre Knobbe Breda
Steve Spotts Sac City
Kathryn Christensen Harlan
David Christensen Harlan
Roger Kenkel Earling
Larry Madson Harlan
Paulette Madson Harlan
Gabe Madson Harlan
Russ Adams Orange City
Jason Alons Orange City
Michelle Alons Orange City
Julie Arends Sioux Center
Anita Baartman Maurice
Mike Baartman Rock Valley
Kathy Bajema Rock Valley
Bill Bajema Rock Valley
Barbara Beernink Sioux Center
Darwin Boer Boyden
Emily Boer Boyden
Tony Bonestroo Hull
Jessica Bonestroo Hull
Bruce Bonestroo Hull
Erika Boone Sioux Center
Doug Boone Sioux Center
Janet Boone Sioux Center
Ryan Boone Sioux Center
Terry Boote Hull
Joel Bousema Sheldon
Amy Bousema Sheldon
Jon Buiter Ireton
Roger Buys Hull
Ron Chenaut Rock Valley
Paul Clousing Sioux Center
Ruth Clousing Sioux Center
Ryan Dahm Sioux Center
Ted De Hoogh Sioux Center
Loren De Jager Hull
Sandy De Jager Hull
Amy De Jager Hull
Brent De Jager Hull
Dan De Weerd Hull
Samantha De Weerd Hull
Lavonne Den Hoed Hull
Mark Den Hollander Rock Valley
Gwen Den Hollander Rock Valley
Isaiah DeRegt Sioux Center
Scott Doorenbos Boyden
Ivan Dorhout Rock Valley
Nancy Dorhout Rock Valley
Peggy Driesen Sioux Center
Scott Driesen Sioux Center
Rick Droog Orange City
Sue Droog Orange City
Elliot Dykstra Granville
Ken Emmelkamp Sioux Center
Trey Engen Sioux Center
Pat Estes Sioux Center
Joy Faber Rock Valley
Dell Faber Rock Valley
Jo Faber Sioux Center
George Faber Sioux Center
Lee Feenstra Hull
Eleanor Feenstra Hull
Lynette Feenstra Hull
Savannah Feenstra Hull
Ally Feenstra Sioux Center
Dawson Feentsra Sioux Center
Wes Fopma Sioux Center
Ladona Fopma Sioux Center
Ken Fry Orange City
Judy Fry Orange City
Tim Gesink Sioux Center
Kris Gesink Sioux Center
Wade Gort Rock Valley
Cory Gotto Sioux Center
Irene Groeneweg Hull
John Groeneweg Rock Valley
Harlan Harmelink Sioux Center
Wanda Harmsen Rock Valley
Dan Harskamp Orange City
Eric Haveman Hull
Alysia Haveman Hull
Steve Heitritter Sioux Center
Laura Heitritter Sioux Center
Erik Hoekstra Sioux Center
Brandon Hofland Sioux Center
Sarah Hofland Sioux Center
Harlan Hofmeyer Sioux Center
Isaac Hoftyzer Boyden
Paul Hoogendoorn Sioux Center
Heather Hoogendoorn Sioux Center
Virgil Houtkooper Hull
Dittie Houtkooper Hull
Mark Hulst Orange City
Jennifer Jansen Hull
Cory Kats Hull
Marsha Kelderman Hull
Dennis Kelderman Hull
Benjamin Koerselman Hull
Elmer Kooi Sioux Center
Karen Kooi Sioux Center
Bryan Kooi Sioux Center
Beth Kooiker Sioux Center
Lyle Korver Orange City
Eric Kroese Hull
Bobbie Kroese Hull
Connie Kroese Hull
Linda Kroeze Sioux Center
Dan Kroeze Sioux Center
Alan Laird Orange City
Kyle LeLoux Hull
Cindy LeLoux Hull
Cherie Los Sioux Center
Tony Madsen Hull
Abby Madsen Hull
Preston Moerman Sioux Center
Eric Moerman Sioux Center
Glen Mouw Sioux Center
Lois Mouw Sioux Center
Dave Mulder Sioux Center
Brad Nelson Hull
Chad Oolman Orange City
Eric Ortner Sioux Center
Shay Pollema Boyden
Kyle Pollema Boyden
Dan Poppema Hull
Lisa Poppema Hull
Karla Prinsen Sioux Center
Tom Prinsen Sioux Center
Eric Rankin Hull
Lora Rankin Hull
George Rankin Orange City
Steve Rehder Hawarden
Shari Rehder Hawarden
Jeff Rehder Hawarden
Paul Remmerde Rock Valley
Lyle Remmerde Rock Valley
Sonia Remmerde Rock Valley
Trey Schiebout Orange City
Ashley Schiebout Orange City
Harold Schiebout Sioux Center
Tom Sheffield Hull
Ranae Sheffield Hull
Peter Soodsma Hull
Helen Soodsma Hull
Justin Soodsma Hull
Scott Starkweather Orange City
Margene Stellinga Hull
Jay Stellinga Hull
Kristi Stiemsma Hull
Brent Stuit Sheldon
Senator Jeff Taylor Sioux Center
Harwin Te Slaa Hull
Randy Ten Pas Hull
Randy Tietgen Sioux Center
Sheila Tietgen Sioux Center
Jeff Treinen Rock Valley
Jessica Van Briesen Boyden
Zachary Van Den Top Hull
Brad Van Der Zwaag Boyden
Cinda Van Der Zwaag Boyden
Calvin Van Der Zwaag Hull
Jesse Van Donge Sioux Center
Wendy Van Donge Sioux Center
Benjamin Van Donge Sioux Center
Missy Van Egdom Hull
David Van Egdom Hull
Nathan Van Gorp Ireton
Lee Van Grouw Rock Valley
Lee Van Grouw Rock Valley
Donna Van Grouw Rock Valley
Clarence Van Grouw Rock Valley
Leroy Van Kekerix Orange City
Bill Van Kley Sioux Center
Sandy Van Kley Sioux Center
Micah Van Maanen Orange City
Kristin Van Maanen Orange City
Kaitlyn Van Maanen Rock Valley
Kevin Van Otterloo Rock Valley
Letti Van Otterloo Rock Valley
Lyle Van Ravenswaay Hull
Mary Van Ravenswaay Hull
Kim Van Ravenswaay Sioux Center
Greg Van Roekel Hull
Marion Van Soelen Hull
Jan Van Soelen Hull
Joe Van Tol Rock Valley
Kari Van Tol Rock Valley
Kristi Van Voorst Hull
Mark Van Voorst Hull
Conrad Van Zee Rock Vally
Steven Van’t Hof Sioux Center
Jaron Vande Hoef Sioux Center
Carol Vande Stouwe Hull
Gary Vande Vegte Orange City
Amy Vande Vegte Orange City
Carl Vande Weerd Rock Valley
Vonda Vander Berg Sioux Center
Lawrence Vander Esch Hull
Marjorie Vander Esch Hull
Gary Vander Hart Sioux Center
Warren Vander Pol Rock Valley
Pat Vander Pol Rock Valley
AJ Vander Waal Hull
Dave Vander Werf Hawarden
Rebecca Vander Werf Hawarden
Jonathon Vander Werf Hawarden
Sarah Vander Werf Hawarden
Jacob Vander Wilt Sioux Center
Paige Vander Wilt Sioux Center
Dason Vant Hul Hull
Orv Vant Hul Hull
Arlene Vant Hul Hull
Darren Vant Hul Hull
Darla Vant Hul Hull
Marvin VanTilburg Hull
John Vanzanten Rock Valley
Mary Vanzanten Rock Valley
Vera Verdoorn Hull
Al Vermeer Rock Valley
Bruce Vermeer Sioux Center
Vicki Vermeer Sioux Center
EllaMae Vermulm Sioux Center
Sara Vink Hull
Harlo Vink Hull
Lora Vis Hull
Paul Vis Hull
Derek Vis Hull
Brad Vis Rock Valley
Scott Vreeman Ireton
Megan Waldner Hull
Noah Waldner Hull
Taylor Warntjes Hull
Darryl Wesselink Hull
Judith Wesselink Hull
Tami Westphal Hull
Darrel Westra Hawarden
Jo Westra Hull
Lynn Wielenga Sioux Center
Darrell Wielenga Sioux Center
Howard Wilson Sioux Center
Dan Winterfeld Sioux Center
Sara Winterfeld Sioux Center
Tate Winterfeld Sioux Center
Karsyn Winterfeld Sioux Center
Todd Woelber Hull
Laura Woelber Hull
Kevin Wynja Orange City
Sandi Wynja Orange City
Mary Zeutenhorst Orange City
Glenn Zevenbergen Rock Valley
Dale Zevenbergen Sioux Center
Tammy Zevenbergen Sioux Center
Ryan Zonnefeld Sioux Center
Valorie Zonnefeld Sioux Center
Kathy Droog Sioux Center
John Emerick Hull
Hans Groeneweg Rock Valley
Scott Kroese Hull
Kris Marra Sioux Center
Gwen Marra Sioux Center
Sarah Moss Sioux Center
Beau Solberg Boyden
Rodger Visser Sioux Center
Nancy Visser Sioux Center
Jared Weber Orange City
Sarah Weber Orange City
Lonni Westphal Hull
Rob Bacon Slater
Linda Cadwell Ames
Bill Couser Nevada
Representative Dave Deyoe Nevada
Maureen Friedrich Ames
Reinhard Friedrich Ames
Mary Ganske Ames
Ethan Gindt Ames
Alex Grober Ames
Scott Henry Nevada
Jessica Henry Nevada
Peter Hermanson Story City
David Johansen Ames
Dwight Johnson Ames
Michael Kruger Huxley
Ian Latham Story
Francis Maly Ames
John Miller Ames
Jeff Ortiz Ames
James Payton Ames
Ronald Pehl Ames
Elizabeth Pehl Ames
David Rehbein Ames
Kathy Thom Cambridge
Adri Tilstra Ames
Kourtney Vier Ames
Mary Warren Ames
Zach Wemark Ames
Chuck Winkleblack Ames
Kevin Bogenreif Ames
Keith Cadwell Ames
Kraig Barber Fort Dodge
Regina Barber Fort Dodge
Kevin Black Gowrie
Deb Coughlon Gowrie
Luke Fleener Fort Dodge
Kris Fleener Fort Dodge
John Fredrickson Gowrie
Susan Hayden Fort Dodge
Afton Holt Fort Dodge
Gregg Hora Fort Dodge
Jim Kersten Fort Dodge
Laurie Kersten Fort Dodge
Bradley Lane Gowrie
Jim Ledford Fort Dodge
Sue Ledford Fort Dodge
James Legvold Vincent
David Lemke Fort Dodge
Jason Liska Fort Dodge
Representative Ann Meyer Fort Dodge
Jim Meyer Fort Dodge
Shelby Mills Gowrie
Matt Oberhelman Fort Dodge
Jim Oberhelman Fort Doge
Donna Porter Fort Dodge
Paul Swanson Dayton
David Tjepkes Gowrie
Judith Tjepkes Gowrie
Alan Wooters Gowrie
Shirley Wooters Gowrie
Shelby Mills Harcourt
Dolores Blake Forest City
Dr. Byron Carlson Forest City
Karin Carlson Forest City
James Engle Buffalo Center
Mike Korthals Forest City
David Steffens Lake Mills
Representative Henry Stone Forest City
John Anderson Sioux City
Garret Anderson Sioux City
Pama Bennett Sioux City
Lauryn Bonar Sioux City
Representative Jacob Bossman Sioux City
Olivia Boudreau Sioux City
Marissa Brendon Sioux City
Claire Cells Sioux City
Nicole Cleveland Sergeant Bluff
Carl Cleveland Sergeant Bluff
Naomi Corrie Battle Creek
Scott Corrie Battle Creek
Kolby DeWitt Sioux City
Jason Geary Sioux City
Jane Greene Sioux City
Kevin Hansel Sioux City
Representative Bob Henderson Sioux City
Rilee Hobbs Sioux City
Madi Koob Sioux City
Tate Kounkel Sioux City
Shelley Kranz Sioux City
Jeff Kranz Sioux City
Roger Lorenzen Hornick
Caleb Lubbers Sioux City
Kaylee Miller Sioux City
Terry Mulder Sioux City
Lisa Mulder Sioux City
Mel Obbink Sioux City
Willy Pinnow Sioux City
Ken Reifenrath Sioux City
Howard Reinsch Sioux City
Ben Schmitz Sioux City
Marg Slocum Sergeant Bluff
Beverly Smith Sioux City
Rodrick Washignton Sioux City
Sandy Welcher Sioux City
Gordon Wilson Sioux City
Charles Woodford Sergeant Bluff
Pat Wright Sioux City
Denny Wright Sioux City
Jay Wright Sioux City
Kent Candall Sioux City
Greg Clark Sioux City
John Groetken Moville
Melanie Harson Sioux City
Teagan Hayes Sioux City
Ridge Hoffman Sioux City
Dallas Klunder Moville
Mark Shapiro Sioux City
Jack Sievert Sioux City
Larry Baker Eagle Grove
Joan Baker Eagle Grove
Iris Wells Eagle Grove
Marvin Wells Eagle Grove
Lois Wells Eagle Grove

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