House Democrats Move on Impeachment, Steve King Unable to Defend President Trump

HULL, IA — Republican Randy Feenstra, an effective conservative member of the Iowa Senate and candidate for Congress, emphasized the cost of Congressman Steve King’s bizarre behavior to President Trump.

Sadly because of Congressman Steve King’s actions he is not able to defend President Trump as House Democrats moved forward with two articles of impeachment.

“When President Trump needs him most, Congressman King is unable to help due to his bizarre behavior and his removal from key committees. Iowa conservatives had no voice during the Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler sham hearings, said Feenstra.”

“King’s behavior has been devastating to our President and our state as Democrats continue to investigate and obstruct, rather than pass his agenda to keep America great. Congress needs to get back to doing the work of the people and stop this end-run on our electoral system.”

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