Students for Feenstra Grows to 257 Members

HULL, IOWA—24 October 2019—Today Feenstra for Congress announced 37 new student endorsements from across Iowa’s 4th District. Growing the Students for Feenstra coalition to 257 members.

“Excitement for Randy Feenstra’s Congressional campaign continues to grow with 37 new students signed up for our Students for Feenstra coalition. These students know we need an effective, proven voice in Congress. Randy’s record in the state senate of cutting taxes and protecting students’ free speech on campus shows that he can get things done,” said Emily Schwickerath, Feenstra for Congress Political Director.

“I am excited that our Students for Feenstra coalition continues to grow. I am happy to have their energy and excitement on my campaign and these students know I will continue to deliver conservative results for Iowa,” concluded Randy Feenstra.

Students for Feenstra is already the largest student coalition ever built by a Republican congressional candidate in Iowa.

As the next Congressman from the 4 th District, Randy is committed to securing our borders, protecting Iowa agriculture, balancing the federal budget, simplifying our tax system and supporting job creators.

A list of new Students for Feenstra can be found below:

Dominic Ancona – Iowa State
Owen Anderson – Iowa State
Andrew Arciuch – Iowa State
Brenden Ball – Iowa State
James Bentley – Iowa State
Jackson Bishop – Iowa State
Bron Bjerke – Iowa State
Jordan Bos – Dordt University
Benjamin Breeding – Iowa State
Michael Cooper – Iowa State
Nathaniel Cowie – Iowa State
Zach Eaton – Iowa State
Nate Espeset – Iowa State
Nick Fejfar – Iowa State
Garrett Franken – Dordt University
Alex Freiberg – Iowa State
Jacob Galles – Iowa State
Jake Glaister – Iowa State
Cole Goodwater – Iowa State
Chase Gorman – Iowa State
Patrick Gustafson – Iowa State
Jack Hanzlik – Iowa State
Ellie Jasper – Dordt University
Caleb Kroese – Dordt University
Bill Kuta – Iowa State
Jack Mahoney – Iowa State
Mike Martinez – Dordt University
Hunter Meils – Iowa State
Daniel Moe – Dordt University
Mitchell Mueller – Iowa State
Jaren Pierce – Iowa State
David Rios – Iowa State
Josh Ruth – Iowa State
Cheney Vander Berg – Dordt University
Eric VanVewhuizen – Dordt University
Zach Wichlin – Iowa State

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